Young Artists at Greasy Spoon

Edition 1 - Food culture

Selected works

The theme food culture refers to all the beliefs, practices, experiences and institutions that surround food, its production, distribution and consumption. The selected works have been brought in meaningful relations to eachother in the physical locations where they are shown. They circle around the following questions: How does food relate to identity formation, culture and identity? What can be the importance or role of food regarding personal experiences and connections between people? How can we think critically about production and consumption? 

Underneath you will find the artist's statements. Feel free to figure out your own patterns and connections.

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Soul Food

Ashton Springer

Print: 1800 SEK (50 x70 unframed)

Soul food

Ashton Springer

(30th may 2022)

Ink on paper, Digitally coloured


"This artwork is based around my favourite cuisine, Soul Food. 


Soul Food is a term used to express Jamaican and southern American cuisine. Typical dishes you will find are Curry Goat, Rice and Peas, ackee and Saltfish, Fritters, dumplings, Fried chicken and so much more. Recipes refined and perfected over many generations. This is not food that you measure and follow a strict recipe. This is food made from intuition and gut feeling. Creative Flair at its best!


Food for the soul. Food that is born from love beyond the mind and body. I wanted to play on this idea and visually express what food for the soul could look like. An abstract interpretation on the nature of a human soul and how that would look in form. Expressing its self in a beautiful dance of joy and chaos, Whilst I sit and enjoy the spectacle!" 

Sauce, The Empress, Waffle

Evil Color

Waffle_Evil Color.JPG
The Empress_Evil Color.JPG
Sauce_Evil Color.JPG

Sofia Superlicious for Superlicious Art


Made in Brazil

Cultivated in Sweden

Refined in France


My three digital collages represent three mayor milestones in my life: my adoption from Brazil, my upbringing in Sweden and my bachelor studies in Paris.



"Fishy Beetroot"

"Fennel-Boy & Frog-Dog"



I am a graphic designer. My mission is to take your vision and make it visible to the world"

Ensemble: 9000 SEK

Print incl. NFT: 5000 SEK

NFT: 2000 SEK

Fishy Beetroot,

Fennel-Boy & Frog-Dog,


Sofia Vitória


 3800 SEK 



 Print of digital painting

 I want to feature LGBTQ-people such as same-sex couples in my

 works as often as possible, mainly because I myself am a lesbian.

 As my characters are quite abstract and lack most facial           

 features, they can often be perceived as non-binary, which is also

 intentional, as I find society’s obsession with gender to be really    


 ”The Empress”


 Print of digital painting

 This was mainly an experiment with colors I enjoy, movements and

 how you can build a human-like body with geometrical shapes.



 Print of digital painting

 Like the work mentioned above, this was solely a fun          

 experimentation. I’ve started finding joy in painting food and drinks

 and this is something I want to continue working with

"Few people are familiar with the wonderful world of cacao. Everyone loves chocolate, but have never seen a cacao pod. Through my art and tastings I want you to travel to origin. I fell in love with chocolate when each bar became a journey connecting me with new destinations. I hope these red pods will bring a bit of Maui, Hawaii to you.

The history of cacao is as full of flavor and drama as any of the series you watch while munching on chocolate. You pay attention to the plot but each bite enters your mind subconsciously and suddenly the fingers reach for the last piece. The story behind the chocolate passed unnoticed. A fruit in the tropics, hands harvesting the cacao and the unknown journey from unheard of farmers to you. 

I want you to pause, taste and listen to the chocolate. It may reveal a romantic comedy with a happy ending, a thrilling adventure or a hearth breaking documentary. The people behind the chocolate bar shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored. When I started to ask questions I discovered that chocolate is so much more than a treat. 

The original is aquarelle and the digital print has been created together with photographer Gabriele François Casini. It’s a limited edition of 30 prints on sustainable Swedish paper each numbered and signed by me, CacaoSana."


Sanna Forslund

670 SEK / print

(50 x70, unframed)

(limited edition of 30 prints - authenticity certificate)

Maria José.JPG

Mariajose Silva-Vargas


Mariajosé is a Bolivian and naturalized-Italian researcher and photographer. She combines her research with photographic storytelling. In her pictures, she narrates fantastic and at times challenging stories with dignity and accuracy, moving beyond the stereotypical images of the Global South. Her work is a mix between Andean melancholy, Italian renaissance and Ugandan colors. She is a strong supporter of ethics in photography; thus, she asks informed consent to the people she photographs. Currently, she is working on a long-term project regarding the socio-economic reintegration of refugees and locals in Uganda.

Emmere (food in Luganda) is a representation of how vulnerable populations can use food to integrate into a new society and to connect with others. The picture shows two Congolese refugees in Kampala - Uganda, at a cooking test to get an official certification of their skill. The certificate is useful to look for jobs, especially for refugees, forced to flee their country because of persecution, war or violence, carrying only few items. Finding jobs in the host country can be a major step to integrate, and in this particular case, it can also allow them to share their own food and culture with locals.

The photograph can be bought at different prices and formats. Half of the proceeds will be donated to a refugee-led organization in Kampala that works directly with refugees. Original picture and frame = 3000 SEK. Posters 50x70 = 1000 SEK

Original: 3000 SEK

Print 50x70: 1000 SEK

frukt i skivor 2.jpg
Tilda Kjerrulf.jpg

Fruktstilleben är en serie stillebenmålningar målade i akryl på papper eller tapet. Målningarna är inspirerade av 1600-talets holländska stillebenmålningar men de har målats helt utan förlaga. Kan de ändå räknas som stilleben? 
2020 slog pandemin till och jag kunde inte längre jobba extra som kock, jag gick från att laga mat till att måla mat. 

Frukt i skivor (akryl på tapet 2021) 42x52cm
Frukt på fat (akryl på tapet 2021) 37x52cm

Namlöst stilleben (akryl på papper 2022) 47x66cm

Tilda Kjerrulf

Frukt i skivor,

Namlöst stilleben, Frukt på fat 

Siri Gyllstad.png


Siri Gyllstad


Screen printed poster
70x100 cm

Illustrated in January 2022
Winning entry in Prinpower Awards 2022

”Längtan is a feeling.
Längtan can be sad.
Längtan can be sweet.”
           Hot dog bun


Print 350 SEK

Print: 350 SEK



Acryl on canvas, 50 x 70


In her artistic practice Armelle works around personal experiences in everyday life. Although she departs from a personal perspective, her practice conveys reflections on more general patterns and experiences. These patterns can take quite literal forms as seen in her photograph series called "Little piles of chaos and lazyness" (2022), in which she researches how these small interesting messes come about, keep on existing and eventually disappear again. Which actions caused them to arise and how can the connections between those actions cause meaningful reflections on life? 

Because her regular migraines often take over her go abouts, force her to stay inside and stay still, they are often a cause for those little piles to arise. Her migraines cause her to have a complicated relationship to food as triggers are abundant. In this painting she wants to convey the feeling of covering everything for a day straight and living in the pile of chaos the bed becomes when having a migraine. For several hours, time passes by both fast and slow, life is lived blurry inside the head and the body is wrapped up trying to handle the symptoms. 

4000 SEK

(unframed, 60 x 80 cm)

Cover_Armelle_2022 (1 van 1).jpg

Anna-Clara Leo

Kitchen Maid , 1929

Lingonberry pie




This is a two piece series inspired by 1930s aesthetics and food photogprahy.


"a glimpse from the past" 


1 -Title: "Kitchen Maid , 1929." (self portrait, 2019)

2- Title: "Lingonberry pie" (photo, 2021)

Ellen G.jpg

Ellen Gemback

Passing Pasta



This artwork depicts two people enjoying each other's company through a shared meal of pasta. 

To embody the idéa of a shared meal being something beyond nutrient intake and routine, I've chosen to draw the two humans interacting in an unconventional but loving way.   

One is sitting at the table gazing up at the other person, searching for an eye connection and the other person is enjoying a string of pasta while not responding to the first person's longing eyes. Instead, the standing person is looking to the side. 

The characters are enjoying each other's company even as there is an absence of eye connections.

The standing character has two hands placed on the sitting character's shoulders. I wanted there to be a physical connection, a physical touch, between the two people. A pose showing that they care for each other. The nature of the characters' relationship is unimportant. “Family”, “friends'' and “colleagues” become superficial titles in this context. Titles which a shared meal transcends. I wanted to convey that a loving moment such as this can be enjoyed regardless of the nature of one's relationship. 

Sharing a meal is something which occurs throughout every relationship, from strangers to the deepest of connections. At first, sharing a meal as strangers might feel intimate and uncomfortable, especially here in Sweden. But eventually, as you get closer to each other, you might find yourself passing some pasta around. 

Print: 600 SEK (framed)

       400 SEK (unframed)

Maija Rantala.jpg




acryl on canvas board, 44 x 60 cm

"This artwork approaches the personal relationship with food and how the identification with food can start out as a love story but quickly end up becoming a prison.
Finding yourself restricting your life because of food, that is how it feels to be lost in the plate.
Food is our joy, our celebration, and needs to be consumed that way!
Maybe “Lost In My Plate”, can reflect a chance to create a better relationship with food. 
Because maybe it is a journey. Maybe we had to lose ourselves in the plates, so that we could find ourselves becoming inspired with filling our plates with love." 

Instagram: @Maijarantalart

Lost in my plate

Maija Rantala

3300 SEK

Cake for two

Agnieszka Abramowicz

3800 SEK (set)



a series of three analog collages, 18 x 24 cm each, framed

"Food is so much more than calories. We eat food and we feed others to establish and maintain relationships, not only of love and care but also of control and hierarchy. Many of us show our affection through feeding others and we often eat to comfort ourselves. Indeed, we convey our feelings through food, and eating and emotions are intertwined. However, the relationship between food and affect can easily turn sour, slipping into eating disorders. What is more, while most of us eat for pleasure and out of desire, food can also act as a marker of class and as a sign of wealth and power. We are what we eat, or indeed what we do not eat. 

The triptych of three smaller collages is a part of a reflection on food in our everyday life and pop culture. It tells a story of a relationship and how it can evolve over time, showing the ways food, norms, and feelings are inseparable. Another question it raises is who is allowed to have a piece of the heteronormative pie?"

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